Warm regards,

Dr Gurjeet Kaur


Baba Farid College Of Nursing, Faridkot

A Warm Welcome to Baba Farid College of Nursing, Faridkot

Dear BFCN Community,

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I extend a warm welcome to each member of our esteemed Baba Farid College of Nursing, Faridkot family—students, faculty, staff, and partners. As the Principal of this distinguished institution, I am honored to embark on another academic year filled with promise, growth, and excellence in nursing education.

At Baba Farid College of Nursing, Faridkot, we embrace a vision that transcends conventional boundaries. We envision a community of nursing professionals who are not only well-versed in the intricacies of healthcare but are also compassionate, innovative, and driven by a sense of purpose. Our commitment to shaping the future of healthcare is reflected in our mission to empower each student with the knowledge and skills needed to make a profound impact on the well-being of individuals and communities.

Our accomplished faculty, comprised of experienced practitioners and leaders in the field, is dedicated to providing an enriching learning experience. Through cutting-edge curriculum, hands-on clinical training, and exposure to the latest advancements in healthcare, our students are poised to excel in a rapidly evolving industry.

One of the hallmarks of Baba Farid College of Nursing, Faridkot is our emphasis on holistic development. We believe in nurturing not just skilled professionals, but compassionate caregivers who understand the importance of treating the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, encouraging community engagement and instilling a sense of social responsibility in our students.

As we embark on this academic journey together, I encourage each of you to embrace the opportunities for growth and learning that Baba Farid College of Nursing, Faridkot provides. Let us foster a culture of collaboration, curiosity, and continuous improvement, working together to elevate the standards of nursing education and make a positive impact on the healthcare landscape.

I am confident that the upcoming academic year will be marked by achievements, milestones, and moments of inspiration. Together, we will shape the future of nursing and contribute to the well-being of those we serve.

Thank you for being a vital part of Baba Farid College of Nursing, Faridkot.I look forward to a successful and fulfilling academic year.